Good for the earth and good for you

Happy earth day flowers

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! Over the past few years we have become more and more aware of our food systems and how much energy it takes to get the food on your table. And surprisingly enough there are a number of ways that you can get close to your food. Of course for those of us on a tight budget it may not be so easy. But wait, there is hope yet. The added value farm in Red Hook, Brooklyn is amazing. You can join their CSA or buy from their farmers market, or what I love to do is volunteer. It is a great way to get outside, get dirty and score a bit of fresh produce while you are at it. Give them a call and head on down, they are directly across from the Ikea on an old blacktop that was converted into a farm using NYC compost and Bronx zoo manure. They make sure that you never leave empty handed. Check out their website and pop on down this Saturday for Hands on New York Day.

And for even more information about local foods, starting your own garden, and much more check out Just Food at

Remember just because Whole Foods is expensive doesn’t mean you can’t get fresh organic produce close to home for a great deal!


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