Grow your own!

Bean Bush Seedling

Fresh, local, organic produce can get expensive as we all know, so why not grow your own. And the cheapest way to do this is from seed and now is the time. For those of you, like me who are green thumb challenged, please ignore the dying plants scattered about my house, start slow, with just a few seedlings.

What you’ll need:

Potted seed starter soil

Seed packets

Empty plastic bottles (plastic milk bottles are easy to cut and retain moisture well) get creative any containers you have around your house will work

A little sunshine

Get started:

Cut bottles in half

Cut drainage holes in the bottom of the container

Fill containers almost to the top with soil, if your soil comes with fertilizer this is all you will need, if not add some compost or feed soil to about 1:3 soil to feed

Add a lot of water, you want your soil to be soaking wet, this moisture will allow the seeds to germinate (be sure to read the instructions on the packet some seeds require special conditions to germinate)

Plant your seeds, again be sure to read the packet as each seed needs special care, typically you should not use all the seeds, you can plant more later

Add more water

Watch them grow!

Dill seeds


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