The Essentials

Penny had an exhausting weekend, which was especially exhausting on her bank account, but luckily she stocked up on these essentials and won’t have to buy groceries for a few days.

Here are the 25 things you should always have around your kitchen:

1. Butter

2. Flour

3. Oil (preferably Olive, but you can decide)

4. Vinegar (I like sherry vinegar, but balsamic and apple cider are also great choices)

5. 1 lb dried pasta

6. Dried beans (black, garbanzo, kidney it’s all good)

7. Salt & Pepper

8. Cracked red pepper (a spicy spice of your choice, cayenne works too)


10. Onions

11. Bouillon

12. Eggs

13. Rice

14. Mustard

15. Tomato paste (ideally the kind in the tube)

16.  Whole canned tomatoes

17. Baking powder

18. Lemon juice or fresh lemons

19. Soy sauce

20. Potatoes

21. Walnuts

22. Selection of dried herbs (thyme, sage, oregano, the cheap brands go for .99/bottle)

23. Sugar

24. Grits

25. Peanut Butter

Optional for non vegetarian


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